Fireco have a range or lighting suitable for most lighting applications. The lights are available to use with the Lightweight, Partner, Steady, Compact and Roof Mounted Masts


Type Expected Life Colour Temperature Power Consumption Start Up Time Re-lighting Time Shock Resistance Cost/Light Output Applications
LED 50,000+ hours 6,000°K Low Instantaneous Instantaneous Excellent High - Emergency scene lighting
- Only access to battery power
- High impact/shock applications
HALOGEN 2,000 hours 2,900°K High Instantaneous Instantaneous Poor Very Low - General scene lighting
- Sport lighting
- Road side lighting
- Access to 230VAC
METAL HALIDE 6,000 hours 6,000°K Low 3-5 mins 10 mins Good Medium - General scene lighting
- Sport lighting
- Road side lighting
- Construction lighting
HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM 10,000 hours 2,000°K Low 20 seconds 1 min Good Medium - General scene lighting
- Road side lighting
HID 2,500 hours 6,000°K Low 20 seconds Instantaneous Good Medium - Narrow directional lighting



















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