• Chambrelan Linear Rails

    Chambrelan Linear Rails are available in Aluminium, Zinc Plated Steel or Stainless Steel. 

    Linear rails are available in lengths up to 2m. Commonly available in 500mm increments and also made to order in 50 and 100mm increments.

    Linear rails can be mounted on the major axis which means the long edge is mounted to a vertical surface, The linear rail can also be mounted in the minor axis which is the long side on the horizontal surface. For minor axis mounting the load capacity will decrease.

    Multiple carriers can be used on a single rail for increased load capcity and reduction of torque.

  • Chambrelan Slam Lock Handles

    Chambrelan have a range of slam lock handle kits available for extendable draw applications such as in the emergency vehicles and service industries

  • Chambrelan Slide and Tilt

    The Chambrelan Slide and Tilt kit consists of 2 x rails with options available in 550mm, 650mm and 1050mm standard lengths and a left and right pivoting / tilting mechanism.


  • Chambrelan Telescopic Slides

    logo chambrelan

    Chambrelan are a manufacturer of heavy duty industrial telescopic slides. The slides are available in 3 materials; Aluminium, Zinc Plated Steel, Stainless Steel. Chambrelan manufacture a wide range or slides to suit many applications.

    The range of slides available start from 150mm in closed length up to 2,000mm with the carrying capacity of up to 1,250kg.

    EVTA Group carry stock of common models of slides in Victoria.

    Please visit Chambrlan's website for current stock levels, technical drawing (in almost every format) and catalogue downloads. You will be required to enter your details to access the information, alternatively please contact EVTA Group for pricing, local stock levels and all general enquiries.

  • Fire Barrier Curtains

    Storm King Mountain Technologies (SKMT) PTY LTD operates within EVTA Group.  SKMT is able to provide fire barrier curtains which are used as crew protection against radiant and convection heat from direct flame of uncontrollable fire fronts.

    The fire barrier curtains are mounted in the cab or ROPS of the vehicle above the windows ready to be deployed at the onset of a vehicle burn over. Country Fire Authority (CFA) have tested the Storm King Mountain fire curtains and approve there use of the curtains in their crew protection systems.

    The curtains have been rigorously tested by the CSIRO in conjunction with ISO 9151 - Protective clothing against heat and flame.


    Storm-King-Mountain-Fire-CurtainsFerntree Gully Tanker with Storm King Moiuntain Fire Curtains saves the lives of three firefighters.

    Image from: Herald Sun, 25 February 2009, Great Escape

  • Fireco Telescopic 'Compact' Masts

    Fireco "Compact Masts" are similar to the Partner masts, but they are fitted with special collars that reduce the retracted height of the mast. A Compact mast is approx 12% lighter than a Partner Mast. The Compact mast has the same extended height as the Partner Mast, but the retracted length is reduced by approx 13mm per section.

    For example a STANDARD CS.3434.N Partner mast has an extended height of 4.440m and a retracted height of 1.583m. A STANDARD CS.8434.N Compact mast has an extended height of 4.440m and a retracted height of 1.531m.

    Fireco-Compact-Mast-2Compact mast - Recessed collars that allow for minimum retracted heights.

  • Fireco Telescopic 'Lightweight' Mast

    Lightweight mast

    Fireco "LIGHTWEIGHT" telescopic masts range from an extended height of 2m up to 20m and are supplied in 66mm, 80mm and 101mm diameters. Head loads range from 3 to 25kg. All Lightweight masts are supplied with Fireco unique "TwinLock" system that can be used to lock each collar at the desired height or rotation. The most common sizes are 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7.5m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m and 20m.


    • Portable
    • Lockable collars
    • Versatile mounting head
    • Upgrade to sandscraper rings for harsh environments
    • Limited cable selection
    • Hand pump deployment


    • Emergency Services lighting towers
    • Elevated photography pole
    • Portable construction lighting
    • Trailer mounted telescopic masts
    • Communication and broadcasting masts
    • 4G mobile repeaters
    • Elevated meteorology instrumentation

     Lightweight masts excel where a lightweight portable mast is needed and can be setup with no mechanical mounting with the use of a tripod.

  • Fireco Telescopic 'Partner' Masts Without Locking Collars

    Fireco "PARTNER" masts range from an extended height of 1.8m up to 40m and are supplied in diameters ranging from 64mm up to 250. Partner masts can handle large Head loads and can be fitted with an extensive range of internal cable configurations. Each mast section is keyed to prevent the individual sections rotating and can be supplied with a Non turnable, manually turnable and Electric turnable base.

    Small and Medium
    Partner Masts
    Large Partner Masts
    Features Applications 
    • 3.5mm wall section
    • Keyed wall section
    • Up to 40m extended height
    • Large lifting capability
    • Versatile mounting head
    • Option: Remote controlled tilt and turn head
    • Option: Internal cable
    • Option: Upgrade to sand scraper rings for harsh environments
    • Option: hand pump or compressor deployment
    • Option: Turnable base (manual or electric)
    • Emergency services lighting towers
    • Fire fighting vehicle light masts
    • Resuce vehicle light masts
    • General scene lighting
    • Communication and broadcasting towers
    • Security/surveillance and CCTV masts

    Fireco-Partner-Mast-6Victoria State Emergency Service 4x4 Medium Rescue fitted with a Fireco "Heavy" CH.3801.TE Partner mast

  • Fireco Telescopic 'Steady' Mast With Locking Collars

    Fireco "Steady Masts" are similar to the Partner masts, but they are fitted with locking collars to secure each section of the mast to the previous section. A steady mast is used for applications where the extended height is maintained for long periods of time.

    Fireco Steady Telescopic Mast

  • Fireco Telescopic Mechanical 'Mec' Mast

    Fireco's "Mec Mast" is a electro-mechanical telescopic mast designed predominantly for use within the Defence and Military industry. The mast is driven by an electric motor and lead screw configuration and has provisions to be operated while driving. The mast can be controlled to extend to predetermined heights with the use of the internal encoder.
    The Mec Mast is available in base diameters of 127, 152, 200 and 250mm and extended heights up to 20m with max payloads of 250kg.

    Control Options
    The Mec Mast can be controlled with the use of a Laptop/PC, wired remote control or touchscreen.

    24VDC Operation
    MIL-STD Compliant
    Emergency Stop
    Manual Safety Override

    MecMast Brochure
  • Fireco Telescopic Roof Masts

    Fireco Roof Mast 2


  • Fireco Telescopic Water 'Aqua' Masts

    The patented Fireco Aquamast is a pneumatic telescopic mast that has an internal telescopic water way which can be fitted with a monitor of your choice. The Aquamast has been designed for high elevation fire fighting, particularly in narrow streets, industrial sites, refineries etc where larger aerial appliances cannot access. Aquamast models range from an extended height of 4m to 13m and are capable of flow rates from 1000 LPM on the tallest masts up to 6400 LPM on the smallest masts.


  • Fireco Ultra High Pressure Systems

    Fireco manufacture a range of petrol and diesel powered Ultra High Pressure Fire Fighting Systems (UHPS). UHPS deliver high pressure, low flow water streams, that provide fine water droplets that can quickly quench the fire. Low flow rates conserve water and small diameter hoses makes it easy to handle.



  • Martin Special Technics Power Generators and Compressed Air Systems

    Martin Logo

    OverviewMartin Generator Systems Iveco Engine
    Martin KFZ Technik (formed in 1998) is a German manufacturer who specialise in vehicle integrated 12V/24V and 230V Generators and Compressed air systems.
    Traditional stand alone power generator and compressed air systems can be noisy, heavy, take up a lot of valuable space, and require regular refuelling and maintenance. These constraints can be optimised with the use of vehicle integrated power generator and compressed air systems.
    The generator and compressed air systems can be directly mounted to the engine via custom designed mounting brackets or via the power take off (PTO) Typically mounting kits are available vehicles such as Ford, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Renault, Ford, Hino, and Isuzu
    Power generator systems are ideally suited for vehicles in the emergency services or service related industries where 230V clean power is required.
    Existing 230V systems are currently in operation within Australia providing 8KVA of 230V power for the lights, compressors, pressure washers.


    Martin Generator Systems

    8KVA - 230V Generator Systems
    The system consists of a generator, brackets and an inverter which is capable of outputting 35A at 230V, 50Hz (8KVA) of clean power.
    The specialised generator which is mounted to the engine block with specially designed brackets. is belt driven, and provides power to the inverter.
    The inverter, weighing 14kg is a small and compact unit that can be mounted remotely, provides single phase 230V (up to 8KVA) power which can then be distributed as required within the vehicle.
    The inverter maintains constant Voltage / Frequency at all times. As the generator speed increases, the power output increases, up to a maximum of 8KVA

    For further information on generator and compressor air systems, please contact EVTA GROUP



    Martin Engine Mounted GeneratorsEngine Mounted Generators

    Martin Under Floor GeneratorsUnder Floor Generators

    Martin Compressed AirCompressed Air

    Martin Air ConditioningAir Conditioning

  • Rapid Deploy Gel Crew Protection System

    Australia and the United States of America are two of the most fire prone areas of the world, and have experienced a tragic number of fire-fighter fatalities over the years due to vehicle burn overs. Australian fire services have since introduced water spray protection systems on large fire fighting appliances that have proven effective to save lives, but typically require 500 to 750 litres of water to adequately protect the crew within the vehicle. Ultra light tankers only carry minimal water reserves which are reserved for fire fighting.

    System Operation
    The Red Door Gel 'Crew Protection' System (RDGS) works by injecting a super absorbent fire blocking polymer gel into a water spray system applying a protective fire barrier layer to the critical external components of the vehicle such as windscreen, cabin doors, wheels and pump in 20 seconds.
    The heart of the system is located in a 'drop on module' that contains the gel injection/recirculation system. Every time the vehicle is started the gel is recirculated for a short duration to ensure the gel remains mixed and ready to be deployed in the event of a burn over.
    The spray system utilises 8 extendable spray nozzles located at the wheels and cabin doors and 2 fixed spray nozzles at the bull bar and pump. These sprays are able to be manually tested with water periodically to ensure the sprays are operating and aligned correctly.

    Red door gel crew protection system water spray testUltralight Tanker during water spray test - CFA Headquarters Burwood, Victoria

    In an emergency burn over situation the deployment switch, located within the cabin, is activated. The RDGS will apply a gel/water mixture uniformly on the wheels, cabin doors, windscreen and pump. The system can be deployed well in advance of an oncoming fire front and still maintain the fire protection properties.

    Red door gel crew protection system coverageUltralight Tanker moments after deployment of the system - EVTA Group, New Gisborne, Victoria

    Technical Information
    The system weighs 60kg, uses 40lt of water and is able to be deployed in 20 seconds. The system requires 12V or 24V DC power and water from the fire fighting pump.

    Red door gel crew protection system drop on module Red door gel crew protection system distribution manifold Red door gel crew protection system extendable spray nozzle Red door gel crew protection system operator panel
    Drop-on Module Distribution Manifold Extendable Spray Nozzles Operator Panel


    Red door gel crew protection system testing brucknellLive fire front impact test - Brucknell, Victoria.


  • SRS Roller Shutter Doors

    SRS-LogoSRS Roller Shutter Doors are manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles and are anodised or powder coated to customer requirements. The shutters are lifted with the option of manual, assisted with a tension roll or electrically controlled.


    ECO and ECO Plus models are the most basic door that is suitable for small areas (less than 1.5m²). These are lifted manually by hand and the track is directed below the roof line.


    TOP and TOP XL models are connected to a tension roll and are suitable for large areas (less than 7m²). The pre-tensioned roll assists the door being raised.


    TOP XL-E model is similar to the TOP and TOP XL however can be fitted with an electric motor (12 or 24VDC)

     SRS Roller Shutter Doors Dodge Ram




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