• Fireco 'Cangaro' Portable Light Mast

    The "Cangaro" is a similar mast to the Servolux portable lighting system but is larger in size and designed for longer run times. It is supplied with a 2KVA generator mounted to a trolley with 260mm diameter wheels that transports the mast, lights and generator. The Canguro can be suppplied with extened heights from 4-4.5m with internal and external cabling.Fireco-Canguro-1

  • Fireco 'Lumicone' Illuminated Lighting Balloon

    Fireco-Lumicone-1The patented Fireco LUMICONE is a self deploying lighting balloon system suitable for selected 90, 115, 152 and 200mm Telescopic masts. The Lighting balloon is stored inside a fibreglass housing to protect it from water, dust, dirt, etc and will automatically deploy the balloon via a remote control unit. The Lumicone balloon is constructed from a non flammable, highly reflective material and can be powered via Halogen, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and LED lighting. 


  • Fireco 'Servolux' Portable Light Mast

    Fireco-Servolux-1The "servolux" is a portable battery powered light system that in the retracted position is 1.1m and extened position is 2.4m. The servolux can be supplied with a light up to a 6500 lumen,  The models range from 4 to 8 hours runtime.

    Fireco-Servolux-2SERVOLUX in the portable state.

  • Fireco Nova Tilt and Turn Light Unit on Telescopic 'Partner' Light Mast

    Fireco's 'Nova Tilt and Turn Unit' is a compact and heady duty Pan and Tilt head that mounts on a Fireco Telescopic 'Partner Mast' or Fireco 'Roof Mast' that allows the user to remotely control lights or other equipment by a corded or cordless multifunction remote control unit.

    The multifunction remote control unit controls:
    • Extending and Retracting of Mast
    • Turning (panning) and Tilting of Lights
    • Turn ON / OFF of the Lights
    • Automatic Restow of Lights and Mast

    The unit is capable of rotating 40kg of floodlights or other equipment making it ideal for directional applications such as rescue vehicle lighting, construction lighting, sports lighting, general scene lighting and directional antennas.

    The Tilt function allows 335 degrees of rotation while the Turn (or pan) function allows 365 degrees of rotation.

    The control system provides a "Mast Raised" warning signal and can be wired to the vehicles park break to automatically restow the mast should the park brake be released.

    All wiring to the 'Nova Tilt and Turn Unit' is contained within the telescopic mast using an internal coiled cable. The 'Nova Tilt and Turn Unit' is supplied with waterproof quick connect electrical connections for each flood light.

  • Fireco Telescopic 'Lightweight' Mast

    Lightweight mast

    Fireco "LIGHTWEIGHT" telescopic masts range from an extended height of 2m up to 20m and are supplied in 66mm, 80mm and 101mm diameters. Head loads range from 3 to 25kg. All Lightweight masts are supplied with Fireco unique "TwinLock" system that can be used to lock each collar at the desired height or rotation. The most common sizes are 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7.5m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m and 20m.


    • Portable
    • Lockable collars
    • Versatile mounting head
    • Upgrade to sandscraper rings for harsh environments
    • Limited cable selection
    • Hand pump deployment


    • Emergency Services lighting towers
    • Elevated photography pole
    • Portable construction lighting
    • Trailer mounted telescopic masts
    • Communication and broadcasting masts
    • 4G mobile repeaters
    • Elevated meteorology instrumentation

     Lightweight masts excel where a lightweight portable mast is needed and can be setup with no mechanical mounting with the use of a tripod.

  • Fireco Telescopic 'Partner' Masts Without Locking Collars

    Fireco "PARTNER" masts range from an extended height of 1.8m up to 40m and are supplied in diameters ranging from 64mm up to 250. Partner masts can handle large Head loads and can be fitted with an extensive range of internal cable configurations. Each mast section is keyed to prevent the individual sections rotating and can be supplied with a Non turnable, manually turnable and Electric turnable base.

    Small and Medium
    Partner Masts
    Large Partner Masts
    Features Applications 
    • 3.5mm wall section
    • Keyed wall section
    • Up to 40m extended height
    • Large lifting capability
    • Versatile mounting head
    • Option: Remote controlled tilt and turn head
    • Option: Internal cable
    • Option: Upgrade to sand scraper rings for harsh environments
    • Option: hand pump or compressor deployment
    • Option: Turnable base (manual or electric)
    • Emergency services lighting towers
    • Fire fighting vehicle light masts
    • Resuce vehicle light masts
    • General scene lighting
    • Communication and broadcasting towers
    • Security/surveillance and CCTV masts

    Fireco-Partner-Mast-6Victoria State Emergency Service 4x4 Medium Rescue fitted with a Fireco "Heavy" CH.3801.TE Partner mast

  • Fireco Telescopic Roof Masts

    Fireco Roof Mast 2


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