• Fireco Telescopic 'Lightweight' Mast

    Lightweight mast

    Fireco "LIGHTWEIGHT" telescopic masts range from an extended height of 2m up to 20m and are supplied in 66mm, 80mm and 101mm diameters. Head loads range from 3 to 25kg. All Lightweight masts are supplied with Fireco unique "TwinLock" system that can be used to lock each collar at the desired height or rotation. The most common sizes are 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7.5m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m and 20m.


    • Portable
    • Lockable collars
    • Versatile mounting head
    • Upgrade to sandscraper rings for harsh environments
    • Limited cable selection
    • Hand pump deployment


    • Emergency Services lighting towers
    • Elevated photography pole
    • Portable construction lighting
    • Trailer mounted telescopic masts
    • Communication and broadcasting masts
    • 4G mobile repeaters
    • Elevated meteorology instrumentation

     Lightweight masts excel where a lightweight portable mast is needed and can be setup with no mechanical mounting with the use of a tripod.

  • Fireco Telescopic 'Partner' Masts Without Locking Collars

    Fireco "PARTNER" masts range from an extended height of 1.8m up to 40m and are supplied in diameters ranging from 64mm up to 250. Partner masts can handle large Head loads and can be fitted with an extensive range of internal cable configurations. Each mast section is keyed to prevent the individual sections rotating and can be supplied with a Non turnable, manually turnable and Electric turnable base.

    Small and Medium
    Partner Masts
    Large Partner Masts
    Features Applications 
    • 3.5mm wall section
    • Keyed wall section
    • Up to 40m extended height
    • Large lifting capability
    • Versatile mounting head
    • Option: Remote controlled tilt and turn head
    • Option: Internal cable
    • Option: Upgrade to sand scraper rings for harsh environments
    • Option: hand pump or compressor deployment
    • Option: Turnable base (manual or electric)
    • Emergency services lighting towers
    • Fire fighting vehicle light masts
    • Resuce vehicle light masts
    • General scene lighting
    • Communication and broadcasting towers
    • Security/surveillance and CCTV masts

    Fireco-Partner-Mast-6Victoria State Emergency Service 4x4 Medium Rescue fitted with a Fireco "Heavy" CH.3801.TE Partner mast

  • Fireco Telescopic 'Steady' Mast With Locking Collars

    Fireco "Steady Masts" are similar to the Partner masts, but they are fitted with locking collars to secure each section of the mast to the previous section. A steady mast is used for applications where the extended height is maintained for long periods of time.

    Fireco Steady Telescopic Mast

  • Fireco Telescopic Mechanical 'Mec' Mast

    Fireco's "Mec Mast" is a electro-mechanical telescopic mast designed predominantly for use within the Defence and Military industry. The mast is driven by an electric motor and lead screw configuration and has provisions to be operated while driving. The mast can be controlled to extend to predetermined heights with the use of the internal encoder.
    The Mec Mast is available in base diameters of 127, 152, 200 and 250mm and extended heights up to 20m with max payloads of 250kg.

    Control Options
    The Mec Mast can be controlled with the use of a Laptop/PC, wired remote control or touchscreen.

    24VDC Operation
    MIL-STD Compliant
    Emergency Stop
    Manual Safety Override

    MecMast Brochure
  • Photography/Surveillance Telescopic Poles

    Fireco's range of pneumatic telescopic masts are suited for photography and surveilance applications.


    Fireco Telescopic 'Lightweight' masts are ideal tools to use for elevated pole aerial photography. The common elevated height for photography poles are 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m with a wide range of retracted heights available. Lightweight poles include locking collars on each section, a hand pump for pole extension, a mounting head that can incorporate a wide range or equipment.
    Lightweight masts can be deployed quickly with the use of a folding tripod. 

    Common Photography Pole Options:

    12 meter photography pole

    Model Number: CM.5809.H
    Extended Height: 12 meters
    Retracted Height: 2.13 meters
    Maximum Head Load: 8kg
    Mast Weight: 26kg

    15 meter photography pole

    Model Number: CM.5811.H
    Extended Height: 15 meters
    Retracted Height: 2.5 meters
    Maximum Head Load: 6kg
    Mast Weight: 30kg

    17 meter photography pole

    Model Number: CM.5812.H
    Extended Height: 17 meters
    Retracted Height: 2.8 meters
    Maximum Head Load: 6kg
    Mast Weight: 33kg

    20 meter photography pole

    Model Number: CM.5908.H
    Extended Height: 20 meters
    Retracted Height: 3.1 meters
    Maximum Head Load: 5kg
    Mast Weight: 40kg

    For the complete range of photography pole sizes please see Lightweight Masts or Steady Masts

    Lightweight mast


    Fireco 'Steady' telescopic masts are suited for surveilance applications where long deployment durations and and minimal mast deflection is needed. The benefit of using a steady mast over a lightweight mast is the strength of the mast, they can carry larger headload and withstand larger wind forces. The Steady Mast incorporates locking collars which are upgradable to security locknuts. The mast can either be deployed with a hand pump of a compressor.


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