• EVTA Group Custom Mast Brackets

    EVTA Group have the capacity to manufacture custom solutions for specialised applications.

    A recent application was calling to mount four meteorology sensors (0.5kg each) at 5 meter increments on a 20 meter Fireco telescopic mast.

    This was done by machining blocks of UV stabilised nylon to act as clamps around the 87, 73, 59mm sections of the mast.
    The blocks are held in place with stainless steel all thread.
    The sensors are offset horizontally from the mast with the use of extruded aluminium.

  • Fireco Telescopic "Super Steady" Positive Locking Pneumatic Masts

    Fireco Super Steady Telescopic Locking MastFireco have now released the "Super Steady" range of telescopic pneumatic mast that incorporate positive locking collars to lock the sections together for extended periods.

    The Super Steady masts start at a base diameter of 115mm up to 340mm allowing for more than 180 height configurations ranging between 3 to 40m. See the "Steady" masts for extended and retracted height configurations. 

    Each collar incorporate two positive locking mechanisms to lock the telescopic sections together while in the extended position without the need to maintain air pressure. This is beneficial for applications that require a telescopic mast to be deployed for long periods such as in the communications, military, construction industry.

    The Super Steady masts, similar to the Steady masts can be laterally supported with guy ropes, increasing the stability of the mast. The guy ropes are made from a strong yet lightweight material called Dyneema which has similar strength characteristics to steel rope. The Dyneema guy ropes are also resistant to moisture and sun light.

    As with the Partner and Steady mast range, internally coiled cable, turnable bases and pneumatic accessories can be used with the Super Steady masts.

    Added wiper seals (Sand Scraper Rings) can also be supplied to prevent ingress of dirt and grit whilst the mast is deployed in harsh Australian conditions.

    For more information, pricing and discussion with our technical team, please contact our office (03 5420 7444) or submit a website enquiry.

    This video shows the Super Steady mast with optional semi automatic locking collars.

    Super Steady Brochure

    Fireco Super Steady Mast 2

    Overview  Operation  Operation with head load
  • Fireco Telescopic Mechanical 'Mec' Mast

    Fireco's "Mec Mast" is a electro-mechanical telescopic mast designed predominantly for use within the Defence and Military industry. The mast is driven by an electric motor and lead screw configuration and has provisions to be operated while driving. The mast can be controlled to extend to predetermined heights with the use of the internal encoder.
    The Mec Mast is available in base diameters of 127, 152, 200 and 250mm and extended heights up to 20m with max payloads of 250kg.

    Control Options
    The Mec Mast can be controlled with the use of a Laptop/PC, wired remote control or touchscreen.

    24VDC Operation
    MIL-STD Compliant
    Emergency Stop
    Manual Safety Override

    MecMast Brochure
  • Fireco Telescopic Water 'Aqua' Masts

    The patented Fireco Aquamast is a pneumatic telescopic mast that has an internal telescopic water way which can be fitted with a monitor of your choice. The Aquamast has been designed for high elevation fire fighting, particularly in narrow streets, industrial sites, refineries etc where larger aerial appliances cannot access. Aquamast models range from an extended height of 4m to 13m and are capable of flow rates from 1000 LPM on the tallest masts up to 6400 LPM on the smallest masts.


  • Trailer Units

    EVTA can provide custom fabricated trailers for special applictaions Fireco telescopic extendable masts.

    We have ample space to fabricate at our New Gisborne facility.

    Please contact us to discuss your application.

    Image Below: Custom designed and fabricated Trailer for a 35m Fireco Telescopic mast
    Custom fabricated trailer for 35m fireco telescopic mast

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