EVTA Group Custom Mast Brackets

EVTA Group have the capacity to manufacture custom solutions for specialised applications.

A recent application was calling to mount four meteorology sensors (0.5kg each) at 5 meter increments on a 20 meter Fireco telescopic mast.

This was done by machining blocks of UV stabilised nylon to act as clamps around the 87, 73, 59mm sections of the mast.
The blocks are held in place with stainless steel all thread.
The sensors are offset horizontally from the mast with the use of extruded aluminium.

EVTA Custom Mast Brackets 2
EVTA Group Custom Brackets - To suit 87, 73, 59mm diameter sections of the mast.

EVTA Custom Mast Brackets 1
EVTA Group Custom Brackets - Horizontally offset from the mast.

If you have any custom requirements please contact us.

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