Fireco ECO Tilt Unit

Fireco have released the ECO Tilt Unit which provides a simple and functional directional lighting system. The ECO Tilt is ideally suited to the smaller Fireco Turnable Partner masts such as the Zero (64mm) and Ultralight (77mm).

Once the mast is raised, the mast can be rotated manually by hand, and the lights can be tilted up or down via the corded remote control, to direct the lights to the exact location required.

EVTA has recently installed the ECO Tilt Unit on to Gisborne’s SES’s new Storm Response Vehicle which now allows the unit members to direct the 2 x 100W FirecoLED lights to where it is needed. Whether the task is securing a tarp to a roof or cutting a fallen tree across the road, the light can be adjusted without the need to lower the mast or access the top of the vehicle.

The ECO Tilt is ideally suited for service vehicles, tow trucks, and emergency response vehicles.


ECO Tilt Unit Extended

ECO Tilt Unit Remote Control

ECO Tilt Unit

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