2016 fire awarenessEVTA Group in conjunction with CFA have been nominated as a finalist for the 2016 Fire Awareness Awards for the development and commercialisation of the Red Door Gel Crew Protection System.

The awards were initiated by CFA, MFB and DELWP to acknowledge development programs and projects within the Victorian community and have been running since the Ash Wednesday bush fires in 1983.

The Red Door Gel Crew Protection System is rapid deployable crew protection system designed for Ultralight Tankers that provides a thermal barrier around the vehicle to protect the crew in case of a burnover.

The benefit over traditional water spray systems is that the Red Door Gel Crew Protection System requires a mere 40 litres of water, and is deployed within 20 seconds to 

adequately protect the crew.

EVTA have spent the last two years developing the Gel system to ensure its reliable application.

The team at EVTA group are proud to have refined such a system and we envisage the system to be an integral component of crew safety

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