A record number 157,000 plus visitors attended Intershutz 2015 over a 6 day period. Fireco has continued the Intershutz tradition and released a number of new and innovated equipment at the exhibition. Fireco’s representatives from Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Asia and Australia were on hand to meet with customers from across the world. You didn’t need to look too far to see Fireco masts being used for lighting, surveillance and communications applications on most of the vehicles and trailers on display throughout Intershutz.

Interschutz 2015 Fireco Stand With EVTA

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Fireco evta group attending interschutz 2015EVTA Group will again be attending Interschutz between the 8th and 13th June for the world's largest collaborative emergency services trade show, located in Hannover, Germany.

EVTA Group will join with Fireco, who will be exhibiting in Hall 27, Stand G46 demonstrating their innovative range of telescopic masts. Fireco will also be releasing several new and exciting products at the exhibition. Intershutz is held every 5 years, and attracts over 120,000 visitors. Intershutz is supported by over 1400 Exhibitors who show case their latest developments from around the world.
For more infomation visit Fireco's website or Interschutz website.

Fireco's 'Nova Tilt and Turn Unit' is a compact and heady duty Pan and Tilt head that mounts on a Fireco Telescopic 'Partner Mast' or Fireco 'Roof Mast' that allows the user to remotely control lights or other equipment by a corded or cordless multifunction remote control unit.

The multifunction remote control unit controls:
• Extending and Retracting of Mast
• Turning (panning) and Tilting of Lights
• Turn ON / OFF of the Lights
• Automatic Restow of Lights and Mast

The unit is capable of rotating 40kg of floodlights or other equipment making it ideal for directional applications such as rescue vehicle lighting, construction lighting, sports lighting, general scene lighting and directional antennas.

The Tilt function allows 335 degrees of rotation while the Turn (or pan) function allows 365 degrees of rotation.

The control system provides a "Mast Raised" warning signal and can be wired to the vehicles park break to automatically restow the mast should the park brake be released.

All wiring to the 'Nova Tilt and Turn Unit' is contained within the telescopic mast using an internal coiled cable. The 'Nova Tilt and Turn Unit' is supplied with waterproof quick connect electrical connections for each flood light.

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A drive over wheel mount to support a Fireco extendable mast is a great option for a quick deployment of the mast.
This option has a small footprint, is very portable and does not require any modifications to the vehicle carrying the mast.

This product is available for 'Lightweight' masts and 'Partner/Steady' telescopic masts.

Fireco telescopic mast light tower pole drive over wheel mountFireco 4m telescopic mast with drive over wheel mount and 50lt/m air compressor with remote switch - retracted position.

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EVTA Group have the capacity to manufacture custom solutions for specialised applications.

A recent application was calling to mount four meteorology sensors (0.5kg each) at 5 meter increments on a 20 meter Fireco telescopic mast.

This was done by machining blocks of UV stabilised nylon to act as clamps around the 87, 73, 59mm sections of the mast.
The blocks are held in place with stainless steel all thread.
The sensors are offset horizontally from the mast with the use of extruded aluminium.

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Fireco Telescopic masts are commonly used for extending antennas/lights to certain heights above ground level.

Historically Fireco Telescopic masts have been used for all types of antennas such as: Dipole, Yagi, Repeater, Log-periodic, Directional, Parabolic and lights such as: Halogen, Fluorescent, LED, Metal Halide.
With such a versatile mounting system the mast can be used for multiple applications.

The Fireco masts incorparate a '24mm pin' to attach the antenna or lights onto the top of the mast.
This 'pin' locates into the head of the mast which is then locked in place with a the Fireco 'Twin Locking' system which prevents rotation and secures the head load in place.

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