Fireco is an Italian manufacturer of aluminium telescopic masts that are used in a wide range of applications such as lighting, aerial photography, communications, energy generation. 

EVTA Group is the authorised Australian and New Zealand Agent for the distribution of Fireco Telescopic Masts. EVTA Group have been supplying Fireco's products to Australia and New Zealand since 2009. Fireco have a large range of telescopic masts ranging from small to extra large. Fireco can offer exclusive delivery for telescopic masts when supplied through EVTA Group.
Fireco have extensive capabilities operating at a state of the art facility located in Italy. The mechanical engineering team at Fireco are fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to conduct
 structural analysis of the masts under any loading condition.

EVTA Group compliment Fireco's products with extensive knowledge across their product range with the ability to recommend suitable products for a wide range of applications. EVTA Group also have the capability to repair and maintain Fireco telescopic masts with spare parts on hand to assist in minimal downtime.

 Extended HeightRetracted HeightHead LoadSail AreaLockable CollarsTurnableInternal CableUse in Harsh Conditions
Lightweight Mast Up to 20m Large Up to 25kg Medium Yes Yes (manual) Yes (limited) Yes
Partner Mast Up to 40m Medium Up to 180kg Medium  No Yes Yes No
Steady Mast Up to 40m Large  Up to 180kg  Large Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compact Mast Up to 40m  Small  Up to 180kg Medium  Yes Yes Yes No
Super Steady Mast up to 40m Large  Up to 180kg Large Yes No Yes Yes
Roof Mast Up to 4m Small (horizontally stowed)  Up to 30kg Medium No No Yes No
Mec Mast up to 20m Large Up to 250kg  Large  No No   Yes

Other Fireco telescopic mast solutions include:
Aqua Mast - Are used in the fire fighting industry for high elevation fire fighting.
Lumicone - Is a self depoyling lighting balloon that is suitable for selected masts.
Servolux- Is a portable lighting system that is powered by a battery.
Canguro - Is a lighting system powered with a 230v generator.
Ultra High Pressure System - Is a pumping system that uses a low flow rate at high pressure that produces a fine spray that can achieve a long range.

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