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Martin KFZ Technik (formed in 1998) is a German manufacturer who specialise in vehicle integrated 12V/24V and 230V Generators and Compressed air systems.
Traditional stand alone power generator and compressed air systems can be noisy, heavy, take up a lot of valuable space, and require regular refuelling and maintenance. These constraints can be optimised with the use of vehicle integrated power generator and compressed air systems.
The generator and compressed air systems can be directly mounted to the engine via custom designed mounting brackets or via the power take off (PTO) Typically mounting kits are available vehicles such as Ford, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Renault, Ford, Hino, and Isuzu
Power generator systems are ideally suited for vehicles in the emergency services or service related industries where 230V clean power is required.
Existing 230V systems are currently in operation within Australia providing 8KVA of 230V power for the lights, compressors, pressure washers.


Martin Generator Systems

8KVA - 230V Generator Systems
The system consists of a generator, brackets and an inverter which is capable of outputting 35A at 230V, 50Hz (8KVA) of clean power.
The specialised generator which is mounted to the engine block with specially designed brackets. is belt driven, and provides power to the inverter.
The inverter, weighing 14kg is a small and compact unit that can be mounted remotely, provides single phase 230V (up to 8KVA) power which can then be distributed as required within the vehicle.
The inverter maintains constant Voltage / Frequency at all times. As the generator speed increases, the power output increases, up to a maximum of 8KVA

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